Living the Dream

I am a professional golfer currently playing on The Carolina Mountain Pro Tour and The OGA/Moonlight Tour. I am also in the process of breaking into The PGA Tour Champions for 2017/2018. I’ve been playing golf, off and on, for 40 years. I took a 10 year break in my 20’s to race bicycles and started playing again when I moved to Charlotte, NC.

Roughly 4 years ago I started to aspire to take my game to another level. It was a difficult choice, but I recently left my bartending job of 9 years to pursue playing professional golf full-time. I just recently signed my first sponsor,  Better Brain & Body of Charlotte, owned by Dr. Alicia Brown. She, and her husband Mike Brown, believed in me enough to help me in my journey. I know I don’t have a big playing resume. What I do have is a lot of determination, ability and a great work ethic instilled in me by my father, a 28 year USAF veteran. I know there are a lot of you out there that can relate to what I’m talking about. 


   My plan is to qualify for a PGA Tour Champions event, contend in one, and then ultimately win an event. It's a lofty goal, but a goal I plan on accomplishing. If I don't believe in myself, how can I expect someone else to believe in me. With that being said, I'm looking for lots of support.  Tournament golf is an expensive sport. I do as much as I can to pay for things through various jobs. What I'm looking for is the chance to be able to play full-time and achieve the goals I have set for myself. If you're a business looking for someone to represent your company, I would be a great addition for your company. If you're an individual/company that just wants to help me ease some of the financial burden, I have a donate option on this site as well. Let's become family and make this dream come true together. What's life without a dream? 

Roland A. Bradley Jr.


Photographer: Amy Witt