Living the Dream

Learning How to Play Tournament Golf

   Having just returned from my first solo trip to Florida to play in tournaments on the OGA/Moonlight Tour, I have had time to evaluate some things. I had a great overall experience. There is definitely a learning curve that needs to be respected. 

   First of all, let's talk about scheduling and logistics. Having not playing 18 holes 2 days in a row, nevertheless, 3 days in a row, I definitely set myself up. I made a critical mistake of not allowing myself a rest day and it took it's toll on me. I need to establish a routine and try my best to stick to it. Being efficient with my time needs to become a priority.  Until I start doing multiple day events, I need to allow myself time to work out deficiencies that occur during play. I DEFINITELY NEED PRACTICE ROUNDS!!

   Now, let's talk about fitness and nutrition. As much as I may think and act like I'm 25, my body is 53. I spent a lot of time in the car, lost my fitness levels, and ate like crap, and paid the price. Finding places with kitchenettes will be a main priority next trip. Not eating properly is a fatal mistake. I've been an athlete most of my life and should know better. As for fitness, we'll leave it at cardio, stretching and recovery.

   To end, let's talk about game plan. As Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a game plan until they get punched in the face.". It's hard to establish a plan having never played the course. There are two things I've learned about Florida courses: 1- lakes and ponds are often invisible from tee boxes 2- I have never played in this kind of wind(humbling). I need to be better prepared when I play on these tours. Going back to my cycling days, it would be comparable to having my bike set up for a fast criterium only to be racing a mountain stage. being better prepared and developing a comfort level will come in time. I wouldn't be out there if I didn't think I could compete and win. Nervousness is transitioning to calm which is transitioning to confidence. I can't wait to get back!!