Living the Dream

Sponsorship-The Art of Selling Yourself

   So, as a professional golfer, or any professional athlete for that matter, the key to financial freedom often lies with having sponsors. Let's talk about why it's difficult for players like myself to attract sponsors. All sponsors are looking for something from you, whether that being media exposure, monetary gain, a tax break, or potential. These are all viable reasons. Which one best fits me? Let's explore!

   I didn't play in college. I spent most of my college years drinking beer, chasing women, flunking out and racing bicycles. Golf was there but not a priority for me. So, I'm not a big name that a company can use to gain exposure in the golf world. Most people in Charlotte only know me from being the grumpy old bartender with the hat tan. That's not going to sell any golf equipment, or make them any money. There is always someone looking for a tax break. I know a few guys that have had this option open up for them. These are few and far in between.

   So, let's talk about potential. I have an uneasy truce with this word. How do I sell myself if the main thing I have is potential. Is there a gauge for potential? How about a guideline? How do I get you to open up your wallet for me when I go out and shoot 85-90 in a mini-tour event? What you don't see is how exhausted I am from helping a friend build a deck for 8 hours, bartending until 4am, driving 2 hours to do yard work for my parents and then driving 2 hours back or picking up any odd job that I can. With all of that, let's add in waking up at 6am to play/practice to beat the heat and getting to the gym. I'm in great shape, but at 52 I don't recover as quickly with all of that going on. That's why as much as I hate the word potential, it's what I need the most right now. I need someone that sees the potential in me to be able to compete on The PGA Tour Champions. I have to sell myself to a sponsor on the concept of potential. Have I sold you yet? Don't believe me. Give me a chance and I'll own up to my POTENTIAL!!