Living the Dream

What Happened To Manners

  Oh boy, where do I start with this one. The gradual decay in decorum in everyday life has definitely infiltrated the golf course. Just from working as a starter for a few hours a week, I see it first hand. Let's get this conversation going. 

   First of all, the noise level on the course has increased dramatically. Sure, we all yell after a birdie, eagle, great shot or a ball in the hazard. That's just basic emotion. If you've played enough golf, you it has definitely made you emotional. However, some things are just uncalled for. Consider the guy that started screaming "Mashed Potatoes" after tee shots on the PGA Tour. We all agree that golf can be a bit boring at times, but why are you screaming? Are you hungry? Looking for a little television exposure? Now, let's just transition this into the Bluetooth speaker craze. After being in the restaurant/bar business for 30 years, I prefer the sounds of nature with an occasional outburst of profanity after a bad shot. It's just my opinion. Sure the music always starts out soft on the first hole. However, by the 18th hole, it sounds like a Metallica concert. Don't even start. I love Metallica, but not everyone does. Plenty of people love music on the course until it's something they don't like. That's when the calls come into the pro shop about loud music. If you must have it, keep it at a respectable volume.

   Rather than write a long essay about this I'll just list some other examples:                                1:  Pulling up to the tee while a player is in the process of hitting their tee shot                            2:  Having long conversations on your cell phone all round                                                              3: Driving your cart all around the green                                                                                         4:  Spitting sunflower seeds or dip on the greens                                                                            5:  Repairing divots/raking bunkers/6 hour rounds                                                                         6:  Do you really need a case of beer for a 9 hole course                                                                7:  Mulligans, creative score keeping                                                                                                8:  Play ready golf                                                                                                                             9:  Stop waiting for the green to clear on the par 5 for your second shot that is 270 out over      water, when you only hit your drive 250 with roll...C'mon man!                                                       10: STOP STEALING GOLF CLUBS...I want my wedge back

   Let's get back to being polite to one another and enjoy this great game that we love and loathe at the same time. That person that you decide to piss off on the course might be the same person that you have an interview with next week. Until we meet again!!