Living the Dream

Six Months Went By Fast

Wow, where did the time go. It doesn’t seem like six months since I wrote my last blog. We have lots to talk about. I have been really busy, but where should I start…hmmm.Let’s just jump in and start with expectations versus reality.

My expectations were to play play a lot of events on The OGA/Moonlight Tour in Orlando, a few Carolina Mountain Pro Tour events, and finish with several PGA Tour Champions Pre-Qualifiers. Then reality threw me the a curve ball. My equipment still wasn’t what I needed, I hadn’t had enough prep time, and definitely didn’t have enough money. So, I adjusted my time frame to the second half of the year. Working with ken Husvar at Victory Golf in Lake Wylie, SC has been a blessing. I have consistency throughout my bag and finally have reliable numbers. My dispersion pattern has narrowed quite a bit .

I had been doing odd jobs for my family to make some extra dollars and to make sure things were being done right for them. I was still bartending part time as well. Before I realized it, I was travelling between 3 states, working for a landscaper, picking up more bar shifts while the main bartender went on vacation, and trying to practice with what free time I had. I was putting my body through things at 54, that I probably could barely do at 24. I was exhausted. All the while, all I could think about was playing tournaments. I planned a trip to Orlando to play a few events with another golf pro. The trip didn’t turn out as expected, and I ended up just going to Orange County National for three days. Honestly, it was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I met some really nice people. I also got a glimpse of what I could do if I just had the time to devote just to the game. I came back to Charlotte feeling a lot better about things.

So, in August, I played my first PGA Tour Champions Pre-Qualifier. I didn’t get to play a practice round, drove 2.5 hours the morning of the event, and had played 3 times in the few weeks prior to the event with 2 of those being the few days before the event. Not trying to make excuses, it’s just the reality of my situation. I shot 84 with 2 doubles, and four 3-putts. I missed 6 birdies of 10 feet or less. I just never felt comfortable with my lines all day. Putting well, I maybe would have shot 74, or 75. Overall, I felt really good about what I accomplished. I wasn’t nervous. i didn’t lose a golf ball. I just need to play more golf and find my rhythm. According to some of my friends, the rhythm gene skipped me!!

The expectation for the next month is to be able to play a few events before the month ends. I have my second Pre-Qualifier in Wilson, NC for The SAS Championship on Oct 6. I’ve been working hard to be able to take the two weeks off before the Pre-Qualifier and get better prepared. The reality of this happening is looking pretty good, but not guaranteed. After the Pre-Qualifier, I’m looking at PGA Tour Champions Q-School in November. Instead of Florida, I’m looking at Montgomery, Texas instead. I’ve got a few feelers out and will start trying to raise money for that starting next week. The entry fee alone is $3000. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it as big as possible. Hope you all are ready for a wild ride the next few months. Thanks for your time and continued support for RBGOLF. Have a good weekend. If you are near the path of Hurricane Florence, please be safe.